About Us
Stuart Highway,  90 Km south of Alice Springs. Ph: (08) 8956 0808

Stuarts Well Roadhouse

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Peter "Spud" Murphy and his family are the proud owners of Stuarts Well Roadhouse and with Spuds experience of more than a decade in business, the roadhouse locals and visitors can be assured of quality service and classic food.

Spud and his father built a similiar business in Pimba in 1968 and operated it successfully for years. Spud has had adventures in road transport, mining and also worked for Pine Gap for 16 years.

Tourism and transport industries are the main targets as well as Alice Springs residents who like to get out of town, relax and do something different.

Stuarts Well Roadhouse is here to provide a warm shower and a good meal in a friendly environment for truck drivers and travelers. So call in, or stay awhile and enjoy the best coffee on the highway!!

Dinky the singing dingo has unfortunately passed away after battling with arthritis.

Dinky, a 14-year old pure bread dingo, was internationally renowned for his harmonic tunes and friendly nature, even being included in the recent 20th anniversary special addition of Trivial Pursuit.

Dinky the Dingo